Genevia Technologies and CPCT Genomics Core of UMass Boston Establish Partnership

We are pleased to announce a partnership established between Genevia Technologies and the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy (CPCT) Genomics Core of UMass Boston.

In order to streamline the process of generating and analyzing NGS data, we grant an extra 10% discount for customers of the CPCT Genomics Core on data analysis projects in which the sequencing data is generated by the core facility and securely transferred from the core facility to us.

We welcome other NGS core facilities to request a similar partnership by contacting us at .

About the CPCT Genomics Core:

The Genomics Core was established in 2015 by the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy (CPCT) to enable UMass Boston investigators and academic and industry collaborators to carry out basic and translational genomics research. The Core leverages cutting-edge technologies and next-generation sequencing capabilities to help investigators move genomics-based projects from basic ideas through explorative feasibility studies to project completion. (Learn more at