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Bioinformatics pipeline and application development

  • Personal bioinformatics team
    We build you a team with biology, statistics and data science expertise to match your needs
  • PhD-level project manager
    Your project manager will help you understand all the results and suggests further analysis options in regular teleconferences
  • No one-size-fits-all analysis
    All our pipelines are adapted to your data and research questions
  • Quick turnaround time
    Leverage our pre-existing analysis pipelines and software to minimize delivery times
  • Unlimited computing
    No extra fees for standard computing, faster cloud computing options available upon request
  • Training included
    Part of service hours can be used to teach your team essential bioinformatics skills
  • Flexible payment options
    Pay monthly or pre-pay to get 10% extra working time for free
  • -20% academic discount
    For academic customers who agree to being our public reference and acknowledging us in ensuing research articles (authorship not required)
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    If you are not happy with us, you may terminate the service at any point, and we will not invoice the current or any following months
  • Functionality design
    All desired features and technical requirements of the software are specified
  • Database design
    Optimal database structure is defined for required data and metadata
  • Graphical user interface design
    The look and feel of the user interface are designed to match the users' needs and skills
  • Implementing, documenting and testing the software
    We allocate a minimum of 15 days (115.5 hours) of manual work per purchased month
  • Instant communication with a shared Slack channel
  • Monthly progress reports
    This shows you what exactly the time is spent on
  • Delivery and deployment
    Developed software is delivered and deployed to your workstations or cloud environment in a container
  • Training and user's manual
    We train your staff to use the software and provide written instructions for all use cases
  • Free 6-month maintenance
    Bug fixes, updates and user support
Academic discount

By requesting the academic discount you agree to being Genevia Technologies' public reference and acknowledging the service in ensuing research articles (authorship not required)

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