biomarkers for cell therapy development

Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT) is a Finnish research institution developing advanced treatments for cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and autoimmune disorders. One of the projects at the KCT was focusing on the characterization of a specific subtype of human regulatory macrophage.

I don't have to worry about bioinformatics, because I can leave that to professionals. at the same time, our scientists have learned a lot about bioinformatics and it's possibilities.

Tuija Kekäräinen
Tuija Kekäräinen Research Director KCT


Researchers at KCT were aiming to characterize macrophage subtypes with RNAseq, but their internal resources were not covering bioinformatics.


Genevia provided KCT with support in experimental planning and a team of researchers to tackle data-analysis and the related scientific challenges. After the initial round of analyses, researchers requested to narrow down the focus to angiogenesis and inflammation-related gene expression. Our team revised the results as requested while remaining committed to the schedule.


For KCT, choosing bioinformatics services over a hiring process meant rapid and straightforward progress to the biomarker validation step. With the extended documentation, it is now possible for researchers to recreate the analyses or publish results as such. This time, macrophage characterization was an intermediate step of the project and, therefore, KCT researchers have chosen to continue with experimental validation of biomarkers and further development of macrophage based cell therapies.

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