Novel enzyme discovery


Roal Oy, one of the world’s largest enzyme companies wanted to make a transition to using RNA-sequencing in order to discover novel enzymes. They had already identified several microorganisms with interesting enzymatic activities, but finding the genes that encoded the corresponding enzymes was arduous using traditional methods.


We developed a novel enzyme search pipeline with which we discovered previously unknown orthologous genes coding for enzymes with the identified activity.


The customer got new candidate enzymes without the additional costs of setting up new experimental facilities or hiring new people.

Genevia helped us to bring RNA-seq experiments in our R&D pipeline. By contracting this work, we were able to better focus our internal resources and still learn about sequencing and bioinformatics. We found that the Genevia team flexibly adapted to our requirements during the project.

Marja Paloheimo Senior Research Scientist Roal Oy

ROAL LTD is one of the world´s largest enzyme companies. They produce enzymes for different industrial applications, e.g. baking, food, technical and feed industries.

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