Genevia helps to remove the bioinformatics bottleneck

The Centre for Eye Research at Oslo University Hospital's Department of Ophthalmology specializes in clinically relevant research on eye diseases. For the Centre's recent study with uveal melanoma, Genevia Technologies helped uncover prognostic signals from DNA methylation array data.


Uveal melanoma is the most common primary malignancy of the eye. Although it is a rather rare form of cancer, it is known to also be one of the most aggressive forms, with a poor response to chemotherapy. The scope of the project at the Centre for Eye Research was to find out whether the tumor cell DNA methylation patterns are correlated to the prognosis of the disease.

Senior researcher Agate Noer summarized:

– It is well recognized amongst researchers that experienced bioinformaticians are like gold dust. We were looking for a collaborator to analyze our massive datasets, and then we found Genevia – or more precisely, Genevia made the first move and found us.

– Ever since we started collaborating with Genevia, bioinformatics has brought us only pleasant surprises instead of grey hairs, comments Noer, with a smile.

Out-of-the-box thinking and going the extra mile for the client

Agate Noer explains that she has been more than happy about the collaboration with the Genevia team. Language barriers between data analysts and biologists have obstructed research in the past, but with Genevia, the situation has been completely free of any obstacles:

– The Genevia team analyzed the methylation chip data, from where we got to study cancer cell copy number variations as well. So, not only did we learn more about the DNA methylation patterns characteristic for uveal melanoma, but we were also able to correlate the cancer aggressiveness to the copy number loss of chromosome three.

– It was great to see that Genevia's bioinformaticians truly understood our research goals to the point where they were able to suggest the best analysis options tailored to our needs.

Noer also points out that without the fast turnaround time achieved by Genevia, meeting the manuscript's submission deadline could have been jeopardized:

– From the beginning, I have felt that we, as the client, were the priority number one. I am impressed by the team’s can-do attitude. The Genevia team even took a break from their summer holidays to help us meet the submission deadline – it was amazing.

Expert project management ensures a top-notch customer experience

In addition to the fast turnaround time and the ability to make the best out of cross-disciplinary research, Agate Noer highlights the well-handled project management aspect:

– The collaboration is working perfectly, and the customer experience is excellent.

– I cannot think of any reason why not to pursue the partnership for our upcoming projects as well. I have already recommended Genevia to many fellow researchers.

– What can I say, except that we are genuinely satisfied with Genevia.

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