Learn how TATAA Biocenter could provide fast, yet customized bioinformatics support for their client.

Tataa Biocenter is Europe’s leading provider of nucleic acid analyses services and hands-on training, and one of Scandinavia’s most comprehensive distributors of molecular biology reagents and consumables.


TATAA Biocenter, a leading sequencing service provider in Sweden was contracted by a vaccine company to provide a service sequencing unknown random RNA vectors and quantifying each quasispecies. TATAA Biocenter wanted to subcontract the custom bioinformatics aspect of the project.


We designed a custom bioinformatics pipeline for assembling, quantifying and quality filtering the viral sequences, and provided the client with method descriptions and result tables that they could use in their project report.


As a result of this successful collaboration, the company can now provide full sequencing and analysis service packages to customers with custom analysis requirements.

We outsourced the bioinformatics component of our project to Genevia team, because we were not sure if we would benefit from recruiting a bioinformatician. I found that communication went smoothly, our collaboration was close and personal, and they adopted their analysis according to our needs.

Filip Stern Next Generation Sequencing Service Manager TATAA Biocenter

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