NorGenoTech AS arose from the success of the EC project COMICS in making improved high throughput methods for analysis of DNA damage and repair. Our aim is to play a leading role in the field of DNA damage analysis in Europe, carrying out laboratory services, providing expertise and supplying modern equipment needed by the research, industry and healthcare.

The founders of the company, Professor Andrew Collins, Dr Gunnar Brunborg, Dr Amaya Azqueta and Dr Sergey Shaposhnikov are leading researchers in the DNA damage field responsible for numerous innovations. Vaineta Vebraite is our laboratory manager, and Chris Brøvig is a business generalist.

Their leading scientists have worked together for many years and are known for their innovative methods and novel applications of the comet assay. They are active in organising international workshops, conferences and training courses, and have unparalleled insight into the needs of the comet assay community and the scope for improvement in several aspects of the technique.

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