University of Basel - The Center for Molecular Life Sciences

The life sciences represent the University of Basel's most important focal area; in this research field it belongs among the top fifty worldwide and the top ten European institutions. This excellent international ranking also reflects in numerous cooperations with research institutions and business partners.

Within the life sciences, the University of Basel focuses on molecular and biomedical basic research, systems biology, integrative biology, stem cell and cancer research, neurosciences, infection biology, clinical medicine, nanosciences and pharmaceutical science. In these fields, the translational research model ensures that basic research connects with potential applications.

The University of Basel is part of a unique network of research institutions, hospitals, clinics and industry. The Basel region is one of the most successful life science clusters in the world today with about 700 companies and an annual turnover of 100 billion dollars. Two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and leading life science companies have their headquarters in Basel. The region is also attractive to start-up companies: In the last ten years, over 100 young companies have emerged.

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